datingsider for seniorer Bornholm - Dating seiten test Aachen

The German banks Commerzbank, Deutschen Bank, Dresdner Bank, Hypo-Vereinsbank, Sparkasse and Postbank allow Maestro card cash money retrieval from within China for an all-in fee of 4,50 EUR.

Following banks accept Maestro Cards (EC card): The Sprach- und Kulturbörse offers both in-semester courses and intensive courses.

As mentioned earlier, you'll need a HIV test before applying for the students visa. You should be vaccinated for all the basic stuff (diphtheria, typhus, tetanus) and hepatitis A and B.

To rent a flat in Minhang, just take a Chinese speaking friend with you and go to one of the broker's offices ("Maklerbüro") near university campus. To live outside the campus, you need to register at a local police station.

Go to International School on Minhang campus for more information.

Always keep some copies of these papers, because they still might be useful later.

The VISA application has to be done at the Chinese embassy.

As an alternative, you can also rent a flat in Minhang or downtown.

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